GoDirect is an artists representation agency, created in February 2006 from the union of a group of determined, highly skilled and inspirational individuals from various fields.

We have great experience in the world of music, communication, advertising and marketing, and we have created an innovative project of artistic careers management.

Our mission is to develop the artistic careers of those who we represent, to fulfil their expectations and to guarantee the best possible use of their skills. We are also committed to achieving an excellent relationship with the different organizations which hire the artists we represent.

We believe we can provide the best choices to suit the needs of theatres, orchestras and concert halls.

We use modern media techniques and methods to ensure our clients receive the best possible marketing and promotion.

Our scope is the world of opera, concerts and recitals of classical music, including corporate events.

In geographical terms, our main offices are in Spain and Portugal, but we also work in the rest of Europe and the United States.