Baritone Luis Cansino obtains great success starring “Simon Boccanegra” at Prague’s National Theatre


International critics have praised Baritone Luis Cansino in his performance starring in Verdi’s “Simon Boccanegra”  that took place at Prague’s renowned National Theatre, Narodni Divadlo. This opera, that hasn’t been performed at this theatre since 1971, was scheduled as part of the program or the bicentennial celebration of the composer’s birth.

“We welcome Baritone Luis Cansino to this leading role, with his brilliant command of singing, beautiful pitch, and incredible acting and experience.” Josef Herman (Divadelni Novin)   

“Spaniard Luis Cansino, whose voice resounds with innumerable nuances and perfect glissando, reminds us of the great singers of the past.” (Olga Janackova Opera Plus)

“Baritone Luis Cansino (…) exhibiting his strong, well-pitched voice, singing with conviction in what we call a Verdi Baritone, with a smooth legato line and vocal quality. He also has the dramatic disposition necessary for such a performance (…) an indispensable element to complete the character in a refined manner.” Federico Figueroa (Opera World)