Carmen Romeu and Luis Cansino’s resounding success in the opera “Marina”, performed at Madrid’s Teatro de La Zarzuela


Soprano Carmen Romeu and baritone Luis Cansino were both widely acclaimed for their roles in the opera entitled “Marina” – respectively, the leading role and Roque. The show has been recently staged by Madrid’s Teatro de La Zarzuela. The standing ovations by the audience coincide with the many praising critics received from specialized press media.

…”The third-cast Marina was played by young soprano Carmen Romeu, who featured a round and homogenous timbre, full middle pitch, and sharpness in her coloratura. Ms. Romeo beautifully mastered the most lyrical passages and showed great talent on stage.” Felipe Santos/Isabel Imaz (“Ópera Actual”)

…”Luis Cansino’s Roque was one of the winners that evening: with his wide and deep voice, Mr. Cansino authoritatively solved all seguidillas and the no less renowned tango.” Felipe Santos/Isabel Imaz (“Ópera Actual”)

…”The love triangle has an essential complement in the role of Roque, the skeptical and unsociable boatswain that baritone Luis Cansino from Madrid turned into the star of the evening, to the extent that he almost overshadowed Marina herself in audience’s preferences.” José Catalán Deus (“Periodista Digital”) –José Catalan Deus

…”The voice of young soprano Carmen Romeu from Valencia in the leading role fascinated the audience with her fully shown freshness, wisely drawing legatos and pianissimi on her impeccable and cadenced phrasing, helped by her ease on stage. Ms. Romeu brilliantly sang her starting romanza (“Pensar en él”) and the final rondeau with a flute solo that resembles the aria of the madness of Donizetti’s Lucia.” Germán García Tomás (“Mundoclasico”)

May’s edition of the “Ópera Actual” magazine has nominated soprano Carmen Romeu for her performance in the role of Marina as one of the Stars of the Month, selected by the critics because of the excellence of their respective performances. This month’s nominated singers include stars such as Inva Mula, Ainhoa Arteta, Roberto Alagna, and Jonas Kaufmann.