Celso Albelo, Carmen Romeu, and Luis Cansino will perform “Marina” at Madrid’s Teatro de La Zarzuela


Madrid’s Teatro de La Zarzuela will stage “Marina”, an opera in 3 acts by Emilio Arrieta. The different casts will include Celso Albelo, Carmen Romeu, and Luis Cansino. Tenor Celso Albelo, who was granted the Best Male Opera Singer Award at the Premios Líricos Teatro Campoamor 2012, will play the role of Jorge. Mr. Albelo’s premiere will take place on March 15th, and he will appear in seven performances. From March 21st on, young soprano Carmen Romeu will take on the opera’s leading role in eight performances. From March 16th on, baritone Luis Cansino will be entrusted the part of Roque also in eight performances. The show features a new production with stage direction by Ignacio Garcia, who has reset the opera from a fishermen’s village to an industrialized harbor. Cristóbal Soler and Oliver Díaz will be alternately conducting the Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid, Titular del Teatro de La Zarzuela, and the Coro del Teatro de La Zarzuela.