Damián del Castillo stars in the opera Lilith, Luna Negra by David del Puerto, at the City of Úbeda International Festival of Music and Dance


Lilith, Luna Negra, with libretto and stage direction by Mónica Maffía and music by David del Puerto, will be presented for the first time on May 31st at the Festival of Úbeda, with baritone Damián del Castillo singing the role of Adán. This chamber opera, which will be conducted by Alexis Soriano, tells the story of Lilith, the first woman in the Garden of Eden, created at the same time as Adam. Refusing to submit to Adam's will, she decided to escape. For many this made her a demon, while for others her rebellion made her a feminist icon.

We will soon hear Damián del Castillo singing in a gala concert with Gregory Kunde and the Orquesta de las Islas Baleares, with Sergio Alapont conducting.