Mariola Cantarero and José Bros sing in La Tempestad at the Teatro de la Zarzuela of Madrid


On February 16th and 18th, the Teatro de la Zarzuela will offer concert performances of La Tempestad, a fantastic melodrama in three acts with music by Ruperto Chapí and libretto by Miguel Ramos Carrión. The production being presented follows the free version created by Alberto Conejero.
La Tempestad, a zarzuela considered much more operatic than even the operas written by this composer, speaks of an unsolved crime that torments the conscience of a murderer now feeling pangs of remorse. Soprano Mariola Cantarero will embody Ángela and the tenor José Bros will give life to Claudio, both under the musical direction of Maestro Guillermo García Calvo, who will be conducting the Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid and the Coro del Teatro de la Zarzuela.
In the near future, we will have the chance to see José Bros in Don Carlo at the Ópera de Tenerife and also in Attila at the Gran Teatro del Liceu of Barcelona. Mariola Cantarero will soon be performing in Fuenteovejuna, at the Teatro Campoamor of Oviedo.