Marta Zabaleta receives the Albéniz Medal


On August 9th, Marta Zabaleta was awarded the Albéniz Medal from the Fundación Pública Museo Isaac Albéniz and the Camprodón City Council, which is given to pianists who disseminate the “Suite Iberia” throughout the world. As usual, the ceremony was held during the Festival de Música Isaac Albéniz in Camprodón, the composer’s birthplace, after a recital in which the pianist performed the entire “Suite Iberia.” Marta Zabaleta, renowned performer of Spanish music and the current director of the Academia Marshall in Barcelona, at the express wishes of Alicia de Larrocha, follows the footsteps of the great pianist who was also her teacher, as well as the first to receive this Medal (along with Rosa Torres Pardo) in 2004. The medal was awarded along with a sculpture, both designed by artist Alfonso Alzamora, the composer’s great-grandson, in a ceremony led the Honorable Conseller Mr. Santi Vila Vicente, Minister of Land and Sustainability for the Generalitat de Catalunya. Marta Zabaleta has already performed this masterpiece of Spanish music on numerous occasions in various cities in Spain, France (namely in Cambo-les Bains, where the composer died), and Peru.