Mercedes Arcuri a great success in Farinelli, el castrato del rey Felipe


The soprano Mercedes Arcuri sang, on January 14th, 16th and 17th, in the production Farinelli, el castrato del rey Felipe, at Madrid’s Teatros del Canal. The work of the Argentine singer has been highly praised by opera critics:

- “…and with the excellent soprano Mercedes Arcuri, who displayed agile singing and full faculties”. Isabel Imaz (Revista Ópera Actual)
- “...and in its vocal performances three singers intervene, the countertenors Filippo Mineccia and Konstatin Derri and the soprano Mercedes Arcuri, each one outdoing the last”. José Catalán Deus (Periodista Digital)
- “...with the soprano Mercedes Arcuri in a show of astonishing resources and beautiful timbre with a surprising coloratura”. Francisco García-Rosado (Opera World)

We will be able to see Mercedes Arcuri again soon in the double-bill programme La guerra de los Gigantes/El imposible mayor en amor, le vence amor at the Teatro de la Zarzuela.