Mercedes Arcuri participates in Farinelli, el castrato del rey Felipe


This new Baroque musical theatre production, which recreates the famous castrato Farinelli’s visit to Spain, can be seen January 14th, 16th and 17th at the Teatros del Canal of Madrid. Farinelli was written by Gustavo Tambascio, a veteran playwright and director of theatre and opera, using the abundant historical and bibliographical material about the singer and the monarchs Felipe V and Isabel de Farnesio. Tambascio is also the stage director of this production. Javier Carmena will conduct a group of musicians playing period instruments, the countertenors Filippo Mineccia and Konstantin Derri and the Argentine soprano Mercedes Arcuri, whom we will also be able to see in the Teatro de la Zarzuela, in the upcoming double bill La guerra de los Gigantes/El imposible mayor en amor, le vence amor.