Resounding success of Wojtek Gierlach in his performance as Assur (“Semiramide”) at Copenhagen’s Royal Danish Opera


Bass Wojtek Gierlach was widely acclaimed by both the audience and the critics for his debut at Copenhagen’s Royal Danish Opera. Mr. Gierlach played the role of Assur in Giocchino Rossini’s “Semiramide”. The singer is an acknowledged expert in Rossini, with a wide repertoire and discography from the composer. The critics have highlighted the beauty of his timber, his extremely attractive low-pitch center, and his perfect phrasing, which fits perfectly the role’s style.

“Special attention should be paid to Polish bass, Wojtek Gierlach, as Assur...” (…) “They are both Rossini specialists and combine intense stage presence with technical mastery.” Peripeti (Erik Exe Christoffersen)

“On the male side, I was particularly impressed with Wojtek Gierlach as the demigod Prince Assur. He was very good, even though it was the first time I got to hear his lovely voice.” Kulturbloggen

The singer’s most immediate engagement will be his soloist performance in the oratorio entitled “Saul”, by Georg Friedrich Händel. The concert will be housed by the Concert Hall Warsaw Philharmonic on February 15th and 16th. Helmuth Rilling will be conducting the Warsaw Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and Choir.